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3 Critical things homeowners don’t know about selling a house in Tampa FL

There are many things that homeowners don’t know about when they are selling a house in Tampa FL. 

Before you list your house with a Tampa FL real estate agent, there are critical things you ought to learn.  The process may not be what you expect in the beginning and you might feel cheated.  

We buy houses in Tampa Florida just as they are.  If you need to sell your house fast, then instead of listing it with the sellers, we can make it easier for you by buying it in cash.

It is important to know what you are getting yourself to the right from the beginning that’s why we are writing this post to inform you early enough.  If you plan on listing your home, it might end up as a rude awakening. There might not be a large pool of buyers waiting to buy your home as the agents tell you.  That means your house can remain listed for months.   

What do you need to know in advance?  

  1. You may have to do many repairs before listing the house.  Before listing your house with the real estate agents in Tampa FL, there will be repairs you will need to do to ensure the house is in perfect condition. These repairs can quickly add up to a good amount of money that you invest before selling the house.  However, when a potential buyer comes along, they may request more repairs or quote a lower price due to major details in the house. This means you may be facing repair bills before listing your house and after you have found a buyer and the inspection is completed.  This can be too much to bear.   
  2. Your marketing costs may not be included in the original agent’s costs.  When you sign up with a real estate agent in Tampa FL, you will need to know what expenses you are expecting to incur.  Some agents list and wait while others offer full service right from the beginning.  If you choose to list your house in Tampa FL, be ready to pay for the marketing yourself.  Signage, premium ads, professional photography, and staging are all paid for by the owner of the house. This will increase your costs again by far especially if you were not well informed.   
  3. Selling timeframes vary. Just because the real estate agent told you of a house they sold in a week does not mean yours will sell within the same time.  When you list your house on the Tampa FL MLS, there is no way of knowing when it will sell. Some sellers end up taking their home off the market after months of waiting with no success.  Let’s just be honest, listing a house in Tampa FL can be frustrating to those who want to sell their houses fast.  Choosing trusted cash home buyers will help you release yours within your timeline.

Choose to sell your house directly. Now that you know what you might go through with the real agents, how about you choose to sell your house directly.  A direct sale is the best way to go that many Tampa FL homeowners are choosing. Consider all of the above costs plus commissions, listing costs, and holding costs, and then you can be able to make the right decision.

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