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5 Home Improvement ideas that increase the value of your Tampa Home

We buy homes in Tampa Florida. To get the highest sales price on your beautiful beach city home, you may consider making home improvements that can bump up the market value. Selling on MLS is not always sunshine and flowers, and it can end up being a big-budget affair when you consider a real estate agent’s commission and all the closing costs. To combat this, and attempt to keep a healthy profit margin, investing some money to make desirable home improvements is a valuable insight. Here are some possible home improvements to consider before considering the idea of “I want to sell my house Tampa FL“. Due to financial constraints, if you need to sell your home fast and cheaply at a fair price, continue reading to understand how Your Trusted Home Buyer can help you today. 

Curb Appeal

This perhaps is a highly overlooked factor, but significant research has illustrated how pivotal vital landscaping and maintenance can be in boosting the value of your home. Research conducted in 2019 by Homelight indicated that 76% of real estate agents surveyed believe that attractive landscaping is the first step to considerably increase the property’s marketability. Additionally, there is strong evidence to suggest it increases market value, with 94% of surveyed real estate agents claiming it is the first project you should undertake. 

Basement improvements

A study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) presented findings that high-income earners, who they defined as earning more than $150,000, preferred homes with finished basements. If your Tampa house is in the range of $250,000-$400,000 a finished basement can add up to $50000 to the asking price. On average, it takes about $18,400 to finish a basement, however, this figure is subject to change given square footage.  According to Home Advisor, a finished basement project can yield 70% ROI. 

Remodel your Kitchen

This is an improvement that is easy to go overboard on. Adding an $80000 kitchen to a home worth $125,000 is never worth it! However, a planned strategic remodel of your kitchen can increase market value and can recoup 60 to 120% of the investment cost. Reaching the upper bounds of this range is an obvious desire, so you must plan carefully and start small. Replace the kitchen faucet and old light fixtures with more energy-efficient ones. Instead of straight away replacing cabinets, a coat of paint may give it the pristine look you wanted anyway. Small improvements can add big value! 

Remodel the Bathroom

Again, it is easy to go overboard with bathroom remodels just like the kitchen. For bathroom remodels, you can yield anywhere between 88% to 94% of the capital invested. No surprises, it is critical to have a plan. Prioritize lighting, it adds satisfaction value to all prospective buyers. Furthermore, other things to consider are a remodel of the bathroom ventilation system, and storage space. However, unlike other areas of the house, the bathroom is for DIY projects; sweat equity can save you hundreds of dollars. Take it upon yourself to learn how to install the toilet, towel bars, and shelves, even perhaps installing the windows and painting. 

Roof Redo

If your house is pushing 15 years in age, having to incur big-ticket repairs can off-put prospective buyers. Hence, it is worth some thought to consider taking care of the repair right now. According to the National Association of Realtors, in their 2019 remodel impact report, stated that a remodel of your roof will recover 107% of its investment cost, a decent boost to the market value.

Need to sell your home fast? 

Unfortunately, it is not financially feasible for everyone to make these improvements to their home. That is why selling your home to us here at Your Trusted Home Buyer is a smart choice for you. We are local Florida home buyers and can help you sell your home fast and make an all-cash offer. You do not need to worry about any repairs or improvements, we buy houses in whatever condition, and will cover the closing costs. Contact us today to learn more about us!

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