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The Worst Seasons to Sell Your House in Miami, FL

Are you thinking of selling a property in Miami?  Do you know there are best and worst seasons to sell your house in Miami, FL?  …

Is a Traditional Sale Right for you in Jacksonville FL?

At Your Trusted Home Buyer, we are aware that traditional sales are not right for every house in Florida!  Some houses will be better off …

Is hesitation To Sell Your Miami FL House Costing You?

Yes, hesitation to sell your Miami FL is costing you a lot of money!  Most people do not realize how time is of the essence …

3 Critical things homeowners don’t know about selling a house in Tampa FL

There are many things that homeowners don’t know about when they are selling a house in Tampa FL.  Before you list your house with a …

Dealing with Your Emotions when selling your house in Miami FL

Do you need to sell your house in Miami FL but you are too emotional about it?  Learn how to take emotions out of it …

Hidden Costs Every Home Seller Face in West Palm Beach FL.

Are you planning to put your West Palm Beach FL, house on the market?  Contact Your Trusted Home Buyer before you do so, it is …

Going through a Divorce – How to sell your house in Orlando, FL?

It can be very tough to sell your house during a divorce, and we understand that. We buy houses in Orlando, Florida, if you want …

Is it Possible to Sell Your House Online In Florida? Find Out Here!

If you live in Florida, you may have heard word around town that it’s possible to sell your house online.  Yes, it’s possible!  At Your …

Tips for a Successful Open House in Fort Lauderdale FL!

We buy homes in Fort Lauderdale FL. In today’s world, an open house is not the best way to generate interest or leads to your house. You may host a lot of people, but frankly, the number of serious offers or interest received is quite low and dwindling. A survey conducted in 2019 reflects that close to 50% of top realtors do not always recommend open houses. An open house is not for everyone and every property, given some of the drawbacks it has.

Best time to sell a house in Miami Florida

We buy houses in Miami FL. Selling a home can be a precise science, several elements need to come together in harmony to achieve a satisfactory outcome. One important element that is easy to overlook is timing. Timing is everything, in life, and real estate too! The month or season you sell your home in, certainly has a hand in influencing the sales price and even encouraging buyer behavior. With 2021 fast approaching, if you are looking to sell your home this year, might as well wait till the best-suited conditions!

“We needed to move…”

“We put our house on the market with a realtor but it was taking too long to sell. My husband had a job offer in New Jersey and we needed to move there within 2 months. We called Your Trusted Home Buyer and they purchased the property 19 days later and let us stay until the end of the month. This took a lot of pressure off of our family and made our move much smoother. The whole process was very professional and simple.”

 Gloria H.

“I found myself in a tight financial situation…”

“Thanks to Tom and everyone at Your Trusted Home Buyer for helping me! I found myself in a tight financial situation with a property I inherited years ago. There was a tenant living there not paying rent and the place was in rough shape. Tom and his team made the process very easy, they paid the back taxes, and even helped me evict the tenant.”

Michael P.

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