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Hiring A Florida Agent vs. A Direct Sale To Your Trusted Home Buyer

You have options if you are thinking about selling your Florida house. For some people, a listing works. While for others, the time and expenses associated with a traditional sale simply don’t make sense. Below, you will find a quick comparison of listing with a Florida real estate agent, vs. selling your house directly to Your Trusted Home Buyer. Learn about your options to make the decision that will be the best for you! Call us today to learn more, there is never any obligation! (855) 483-2097 

 Hiring An AgentA Direct Sale To Us!
Commissions:Expect to pay about 6% of the final sale price to your agent No commissions
Fees:In some cases, you will be hit with administrative and marketing fees No fees
Closing Costs:Expect to pay about 2% of the final sale price in closing costs No closing costs
Inspection/Financing Contingency*:Yes. Up to 15% of sales fall through. Not required
Appraisal Needed:If your buyer uses a lender, they will require an appraisal before funding the loan Not required
Average Days Until Sold:On average, 3-6 months. Sometimes it can take 1 year! Immediate Offer, With a Closing In 7 Days
Number of Showings:UnknownOnly 1… Just Us!
Closing Date:It can take an additional 30-60 days to close after an offer has been acceptedAny day you choose
Repairs:Negotiated between the seller and buyer after the home inspectionWe pay all repair costs

Run The Numbers For Your Florida House!

A listing might bring in a higher sale price, but after you factor in the listing costs and time spent, you might find a direct sale would have been the better choice all along. If the house is going to require repairs, or if you have troublesome tenants who aren’t going to cooperate with living in a listed house, or if you need to sell quickly because of foreclosure or divorce, a direct sale is likely going to be the better and more simple and lucrative choice.

We are very straightforward here at Your Trusted Home Buyer. We do not have time for gimmicks or to give anyone the runaround. We make honest offers, based on local real estate conditions and leave the rest up to you! You decide if a direct sale is right for you and what day you want to close!

Selling Quickly Can Save Thousands of Dollars

Ask any property investor, and they will tell you that the longer you hold on the property, the more it becomes. Every month you are dealing with property taxes, utility bills, insurance costs and maintenance issues. You might be paying an expensive mortgage on a property you don’t even care to own! You don’t have to continue in this pattern any longer. We can close on your property in only a few days time. You will know the exact price and closing date which allows you to easily plan ahead. Listing your Florida house doesn’t offer the same guarantees.

You Don’t Have To Clean Up Or Make Any Repairs

We will take care of it all. We aim to make selling your house as stress-free as possible, and that means doing the dirty work! All you have to do is pack what you wish to keep and we will handle the rest!

No Commissions, Agent Fees or Closing Costs

Listing a house in Florida can be expensive. We don’t think you should have to pay in order to sell your unwanted house. You won’t have to worry about commissions, agent fees or closing cost. What we offer you is exactly what you will walk away from the closing table with. There are never any hidden costs to worry about.

Find out is selling your house to a direct buyer is the right choice for you!

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will not pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Put your address and email below and answer 5 easy questions on the next page to get a cash offer!

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*An inspection contingency lets the buyer have time to do an inspection and back out of the sale or negotiate a new price if there are repairs that need to be done. If you can’t come to an agreement with the buyer, the buyer has the right to back out of the sale. Similar, a financing contingency gives the buyer the wiggle room to back out of the purchase if they can’t obtain a loan or if the home doesn’t appraise for the value that the bank needs to close the loan.

Here at Your Trusted Home Buyer, we don’t use bank financing so you don’t have to worry about our ability to close on a deal.

“We needed to move…”

“We put our house on the market with a realtor but it was taking too long to sell. My husband had a job offer in New Jersey and we needed to move there within 2 months. We called Your Trusted Home Buyer and they purchased the property 19 days later and let us stay until the end of the month. This took a lot of pressure off of our family and made our move much smoother. The whole process was very professional and simple.”

 Gloria H.

“I found myself in a tight financial situation…”

“Thanks to Tom and everyone at Your Trusted Home Buyer for helping me! I found myself in a tight financial situation with a property I inherited years ago. There was a tenant living there not paying rent and the place was in rough shape. Tom and his team made the process very easy, they paid the back taxes, and even helped me evict the tenant.”

Michael P.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will not pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Put your address and email below and answer 5 easy questions on the next page to get a cash offer!

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