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Did you know you can sell your house with Liens or Tax problems in Miami, FL?

Are you facing liens and tax problems in Miami, FL?  Do you feel stuck?  Did you know it is possible to sell your house fast to Your Trusted Home Buyer with tax problems or liens?

As a homeowner in Miami, FL, it feels impossible to sell your house if it has any tax problems or liens. 

If you have no money to pay off the debt, you can be stuck with that property for the longest time. Getting stuck with the property means you can continue getting into more debt without a way out. 

Worry no more!  It is possible to come out of this situation that affects most homeowners in Miami, Florida.  We buy houses in Miami, FL.  If you need to sell your property fast, we are your local Miami FL homebuyers who can help.

What is a Lien?  

Lien is a legal claim on assets that allows the holder to obtain access to the property if debts are not paid.  A property lien must be filed and approved by a state agency and delivered to the property owner.  It has specific terms that notify them that action has been taken to repossess a property.

A lender may place a lien on the house if you have stopped paying for the mortgage on time.  Homeowners can also get a judgment lien or repairer’s lien when repairs done on the property go unpaid.

If a homeowner cannot pay off the lien, the issuing party can foreclose on the property.  By placing a lien on your property, the creditor disables your ability to sell the house until the debt is cleared. 

How can you get yourself out of this mess?

  • Sell your house directly to us.  With a direct sale to Your Trusted Home Buyers, we will be able to help you sort out your problems.   You will not need to find the money to pay off the liens or pay off your taxes.  We will handle your debts and buy your property at an excellent price.  All of the lien’s headaches and hassles will be a thing of the past as we can handle it in a matter of days.  Do not allow liens or tax problems to make you get stuck in life; we have a way out. 
  • Create a repayment plan. Another way to get out of the lien’s mess is to draw a repayment plan to help you pay off your debt.  Even creditors understand it is almost impossible to pay off everything in one shot.  Reach out to the creditor to work something out.  Making an effort to pay will make your creditors more willing to work with you.  Once you have paid a considerable amount, the liens could be lifted from the property, and you can sell.  But this can take a considerable amount of time depending on how much debt you owed.  Be sure to make a wise decision to get yourself out of this mess while you can.  

What are the consequences of not resolving your liens and tax problems?

If certain liens go unresolved, you run the risk of losing your home to the creditor.  The creditor can foreclose and assume ownership of your property.  If you have an existing lien on your house, or if you have problems paying the property taxes, we can help you.  We will help you sell the house immediately.

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