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Going through a Divorce – How to sell your house in Orlando, FL?

It can be very tough to sell your house during a divorce, and we understand that. We buy houses in Orlando, Florida, if you want to sell yours fast and offer you cash that can help you move on.

When dealing with a divorce affair and dividing assets, can be painful. Dealing with disagreements, bickering and large financial decisions is not only difficult but time-consuming. Many couples opt to sell their property, so they can divide the interests and move on with their separate lives.

Here we offer you some tips that will make the home selling process simple during a divorce

  1. Agree on the price. Both of you will need to agree on the price to make it possible to sell the house. Accepting a slightly lower price than you normally would sell the property for will help you get a buyer fast. Should you choose to list your house on the MLS in Orlando, FL, you will need to price it at an average price. Pricing it too high will delay finding a buyer causing you to deal with the selling process for longer. Agree on the price right from the beginning to fasten the selling process.
  2. Delegate responsibility. You may have already fought enough, and you don’t want to add salt to injury. Be clear on what each party is meant to do in the sale of your house. Make sure each party is clear in their role to avoid the blame game and unending fights. Decide in advance who will handle cleaning, repairs, questions from the agent or sellers, and showcasing the house. Both parties need to work together to facilitate a successful sale of their home. Splitting the costs between both parties helps settle the bills fast. Both parties should keep in touch with the agent, so they can get updates on the process.
  3. Control your emotions. When selling a house during a divorce, it is easy to get emotional during the process. Divorce is hard, and we don’t overlook it in any way. Saying goodbye to your spouse and your home at the same time can be tough and cause you to think irrationally. Focusing on your future will help you control your emotions as you deal with your partner. Emotions can be very disruptive during the sale of your house and cause potential buyers to back off. This means the sale will drag on for longer than expected. If it is getting hard for you to handle your emotions you can get your lawyer or agent to assist in the process of selling your house in Orlando, FL.
  4. Find a direct buyer. To shorten the selling process making your house sell directly and fast, get a direct buyer. Your trusted home buyer team will make this a reality by buying your house in cash. Within a few days, you will have your home in Orlando, FL, sold saving you time, emotional turmoil, and costs. We have worked with many divorce couples all over Orlando who want a fast and fair way to liquidate their house. No matter the condition of your house, we can help you with a fair and honest offer!

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