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Hidden Costs Every Home Seller Face in West Palm Beach FL.

Are you planning to put your West Palm Beach FL, house on the market?  Contact Your Trusted Home Buyer before you do so, it is important to learn more about the unexpected costs that you will be facing.  Don’t wait to be surprised at what you will be required to spend to sell your home successfully

Many homeowners who plan to sell their homes think the process of selling is home is simple and easy.  They think they can simply call up a real estate agent in West Palm Beach FL, and get them to sell their property within a few days.

What they don’t know is that the process is long and tedious!  A lot goes into a successful MLS listing let alone selling.  To be honest, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes that the seller and the real estate agent go through. From the results tabled by home sellers, selling your home using real estate agents always makes you spend more money than you intended to.  

Here are some expenses that are overlooked by most sellers and end up adding up the expenses

  1. Professional cleaning costs. No matter how clean your house is, buyers are required to have the house sparkling clean.  Professional cleaners do a thorough job in areas that you won’t even think about like the roof, chimney, attics, etc. They leave a spotless house that makes you proud to show the sellers.  To make it successful, you might need to move before selling your house because there is no way this kind of cleaning is happening when you are still living there.  Buyers call in at any time and want to see a spotless house any time without any excuses.
  • Staging expenses.  If you have been looking at the listing you will see many homes always use staging to make the home more appealing.  Instead of photographing the home as-is, you can add a few decorative items to help make the home more inviting.  Keep in mind that not everyone will be drawn to your kind of décor so keep it simple, classic, and neutral.  To save you more expenses, stage one or two rooms of the home like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.
  1. Storage fees.  If you have lots of stuff, you will need to consider renting out some storage space for a few months before the actual move. Or you choose to entirely move out and rent your home as you sell your previous house.  Removing all the unwanted clutter will make finding a buyer easier.  Better still moving out and allowing the professional cleaning to happen will leave the house ready for viewing.
  2. Extra marketing.  Real estate agents in West Palm Beach FL, still require you to pay for premium listings, professional photography, and videos to facilitate better marketing.  While this may facilitate faster sales you will have spent more money than you expected. 
  3. Agent reimbursements. Some agents instead of asking you for extra expenses upfront, tend to work on a commission.  In some cases, the agents will ask to be reimbursed for minor fixes and items used for staging your house.  Before you sign any listing agreement with a real estate agent in West Palm Beach FL, be sure to know its contents.                

We buy houses in West Palm Beach FL.  Should you choose not to go this long way with a real estate agent, we are just a call away to buy your house.  Our terms are friendly and laid out for you right from the beginning.

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