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Is your Florida House to Code? Understanding Code Violations

Code violations are something most homeowners have heard of, but often misunderstand and or fail to realize the consequences of simply looking the other way. Heavy sanctions and fines from the HOA or city are not the only issues here, If you think “I want to sell my house Miami” but it has open code violations, you will not be going through a walk in the park, just simply a difficult and stressful proposition. In most cases, buyers may avoid homes with violations or not invest to fix said violations and it is an expense you will need to take care of to attract a sale.  Keeping a house up to code is the responsibility of every homeowner to keep his/her family safe and healthy but also those around in the neighborhood. Continue reading to understand more about common code violations. If your Florida home has open code violations, and you need to sell it fast find out how Your Trusted Home Buyer can help you sell the property quickly and at no expense to you, across Florida cities and districts.   

Common Code Violations

Electrical code violations

Electrical code violations can be dangerous, and they must be dealt with by a professional with great urgency. Most common electrical code violations have to do with poor wire management and grounding issues. Here some things you should know to keep your home safe:

  • Protect wiring from nails and screws, exposed/damaged wires are a worrisome safety hazard
  • All circuits should be clearly labeled. Circuit management can be the difference in dealing with a crisis effectively. 
  • DO NOT crowd a service panel. The clearances in front of a service panel have been designed to protect people who are working on them. They need to be easily accessible. 
  • Choose the correct circuit breaker. Different appliances have different requirements, doing otherwise can lead to serious electrical damage. 

Handrails not installed on staircases

This code violation is quite common and can be addressed quickly and affordably. The gravity of this violation is often overlooked; a staircase is where people in the home get hurt most often. More than aesthetic value, a handrail’s function is to be a safety barrier.  In staircase codes, a railing is a compulsory element and for an open staircase, the code dictates that it would require a guardrail. 

Missing or Broken Smoke detectors. 

Broken or missing smoke detectors are a pressing code violation and nationally mandated. All rooms in a home are required to have a hardwired smoke detector, including all bedrooms and hallways. Additionally, interconnected smoke alarms have been proven to operate and alert more effectively according to the National Fire Protection Association


Windows become a code violation when they are dangerous; someone in the home could slip and fall into the glass. Windows in areas prone to accidents, like doorways, staircases, or showers need to be replaced with safety-glazed glass, with three paned windows being preferred over double. Here are some additional things to keep in mind: 

  • Triple glazed windows are more likely to provide insulation and more impact resistant
  • Windows should have visible fasteners
  • Make sure you look for manufactures designation and safety glazing standards. 

Dealing with Code violations and fines

Some of the mentioned code violations can have huge fines, and they rack up; if you fail to pay them, it can become quite overwhelming and stressful dealing with the ever-increasing expense. Contact a contractor who can take care of fixing these violations and repairing your house and a realtor, who can make an appointment with a code violations officer and help you negotiate the sanctions down and interest on the fines. Acting with prudence is the need of the hour in this situation! 

Selling a Home with Code violations

Unfortunately, if the financial burden of dealing with these code violations is not possible, it may be time to sell the house. It is against the law to not disclose all open code violations to potential buyers. A good solution is to sell the house to a Real estate Investor like us at Your Trusted Home Buyer. As professional home buyers in Florida, we buy houses Miami, Orlando, and all cities within the state. and buy homes as-is. We take care of financing all repairs and the closing costs. The cherry on top is a fair cash offer and a finished transaction in as soon as seven days! Selling a home with code violations can be a nightmare, and we want to help you end it once and for all!

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