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Selling a House During a Divorce in Jacksonville FL

We buy houses in Jacksonville FL. Florida is famous for several things. Predominantly it is the beautiful sun-kissed beaches and world-famous theme parks, and attractions including the likes of Universal Studios and Disney World. However, what is frequently swept under the carpet is Florida is infamous for its high divorce rate. As of October 2020, Florida had a divorced population of 13.2% and is ranked 4th in the highest divorce rates across the US. Going through a divorce and having to sell the marital home can be an extremely stressful and emotional time for everyone. In this post, we want to shed some light and share tips that may be helpful if you, unfortunately, find yourself in this situation. 

At Your Trusted Home Buyer, we have helped numerous clients sell their homes amidst personal and professional challenges like divorce. We prioritize people over price and can help you sell your Jacksonville martial home fast and hassle-free, including a fair, all-cash offer. We recognize how stressful this circumstance can be, and it is our honest intention to help alleviate that stress! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! 

Who Gets the House? 

Perhaps the largest question when it comes to divorce. Property is an investment a couple makes together and is often dependent on two incomes, not one. There is no ‘cookie-cutter’ answer for this question and it largely boils down to Florida’s Marital property laws. Florida does not adhere to community property laws like other states in the US, which means it is over a court proceeding where a judge will decide the equitable distribution of assets acquired in the marriage. Community property states usually split debt and assets 50/50 among the couple.
A prenuptial agreement however may give rights to one spouse to keep the home as the result of a divorce. 

Do not move out too soon. 

Yes, while it may be distressing to be at odds with one and another, you should attempt to come to an agreement that one party stays in the home until it is sold. There are several good reasons for this, that can help you keep your finances intact and maximize your sale value. 

  • Empty houses are less attractive to buyers. Even if you get the home cleaned top to bottom an empty house puts a dampener on exciting a buyer and strips the ‘homely’ feel away from the property. Staging a house is a viable solution, however, it can be an exorbitant expense, even if it will drastically reduce time on the market. Divorces are expensive, keeping your finances healthy is critical. Bypass the staging expense by coming to a compromise or arrangement with your ex-spouse for one of you to live there till it is sold. 
  • Having one party staying at the marital home is important to keep monthly housing payments in check. Three different housing payments at various degrees can be extremely unsustainable given how expensive not only divorce is but selling a house. 

Consider a Real estate investor

The benefits of a direct sale to a professional home buyer like us at Your Trusted Home Buyer, given a specific circumstance like divorce, are immense. During this time, cooperation is a must. If, however, working together to sell the house for a prolonged period is not feasible, we specialize in providing a fast and easy sale to all our customers. After an assessment of your home, we can help you close in as little as seven days and you can move on to starting the next chapter of your life. The longer your divorce proceedings continue, and the longer your house is on the market, means more utility, insurance, and other holding expenses, something you may not be able to provide for on a single paycheck. Selling your house to us, eradicates those expenses in a matter of days, at a time you could need it the most! 

Use an experienced realtor

Selling a home during divorce will lead to some unique challenges given the emotional side of things and hence it is important to use a realtor who has experience or even perhaps specializes in guiding separating couples to sell their marital home. We buy houses Jacksonville; therefore, if you need to sell your house in the middle of a difficult divorce or any other situation, you are just a call away.

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