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Tips for a Successful Open House in Fort Lauderdale FL!

We buy homes in Fort Lauderdale FL. In today’s world, an open house is not the best way to generate interest or leads to your house. You may host a lot of people, but frankly, the number of serious offers or interest received is quite low and dwindling. A survey conducted in 2019 reflects that close to 50% of top realtors do not always recommend open houses. An open house is not for everyone and every property, given some of the drawbacks it has. However, if you live in a high-in-demand area or your home is incredibly unique and exquisitely designed, an open house is a very viable idea to generate leads on your home. With higher demand for a specific location or your house, means an open house can facilitate increased competition and serious contention. Continue reading to find some unique tips on holding open houses in Fort Lauderdale FL, that can provide for a more successful outcome! 

  1. Run a Livestream of the open house

The power of social media is immense, with Facebook and Instagram both being influential networking platforms you can use to market and sell your home. The fundamental learning out of social media is the hard truth that people want what other people want. If you are actively looking for a buyer, the best time to showcase your house is when it is full of loads of people. While it is tough to gauge if they will impact the number of offers you receive, it positively is a very viable marketing tool to produce more interest in the home.

  1. Do not serve Alcohol

Yes, an Open house is a social event, and serving a few snacks and beverages is a nice gesture. The restaurant industry is enough proof to demonstrate that complimentary alcoholic beverages are a great marketing gimmick. The same applies to open houses, free drinks are a sure-shot way of improving your turnout. However, there are two main downsides. 

  • People show up just for the drinks. These individuals are simply place-fillers, in your home full of people. They have no genuine intention of making an offer. A distraction from the real prospects 
  • Florida social host liability law states that if you knowingly or unknowingly serve a minor or an alcoholic a beverage during your open house, you can be sued and are liable for all damages. So, unless your open house is planned to be very exclusive and private, it is best to avoid the chardonnay! 
  1. Create a Property Description sheet

This sheet can be a timesaver if you are or are not present at your open house. Answers to all common questions and other relevant details about your home should be present on this sheet do not need to waste time answering them before or after the open house. If you design it like a flyer, it can also serve as a marketing tool. Some of the key details you should include are: 

  • Full address 
  • Your contact information and availability
  • Asking price 
  • Square footage
  • Nearby amenities and facilities
  • A small gallery of photos
  • Other details
  1. Put your best foot, and china forward!

Before your open house starts, your home should look ready to receive fancy guests for a dinner party. Set the dinner table with your best china, thoroughly clean the house, and get rid of all clutter. Make sure your home smells good, the smell is a factor people often overlook but it has the potential to break a deal. The whole purpose of an open house is to make prospective buyers imagine themselves and their families in your home. You need to fulfill that desire and create that imagery. So do the necessary and make your home picture perfect! 

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