Why you need to downsize your house in Jacksonville, FL

Downsizing your house in Jacksonville, FL can be an excellent idea for many reasons.  You can save money, your sanity and live somewhere you are more comfortable.   Living in a small and manageable home is proving to be a better choice for many Jacksonville, FL homeowners.  That being the case, most homeowners are not shying […]

Can I Sell My House without property showings in Tampa, FL?

Yes, it is possible, especially in this covid-19 season!  At Your Trusted Home Buyer, we know that having strangers come in and out of your house when you want to sell it is dangerous in the current state we are living in. Dealing with property showing can be one of the most agonizing parts of […]

Can you stop the foreclosure of your house in Jacksonville, FL?

Is the bank threatening to take away your property? At Your Trusted Home Buyer, we can help you with a foreclosure in Jacksonville, FL before it happens.   Dealing with the threat of foreclosure can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.  The thought of losing your home after putting so much into it can be devastating to […]

Is it Possible to Sell Your House Online In Florida? Find Out Here!

If you live in Florida, you may have heard word around town that it’s possible to sell your house online.  Yes, it’s possible!  The popularity of selling your property online is growing with more people using it.  It is not only for convenience but also because of the covid-19 pandemic threat. When selling your house […]

The Worst Seasons to Sell Your House in Miami, FL

Are you thinking of selling a property in Miami?  Do you know there are best and worst seasons to sell your house in Miami, FL?  If you can, avoid listing your house during the times when it is less likely to find a buyer fast.   We buy houses in Miami, FL during all the seasons […]

Is a Traditional Sale Right for you in Jacksonville FL?

At Your Trusted Home Buyer, we are aware that traditional sales are not right for every house in Florida!  Some houses will be better off sold quickly and directly while others will be okay with the listing.  Find out what is the right choice for you in this post. because real estate game has changed   […]